Nervous About Your Physical? Top Tips for a Healthy Body

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As you enter middle age, your body can show signs of decline. Your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers may be rising, for instance. A yearly exam by your doctor may be a source of stress as the date approaches. Avoid those nerves by being proactive about your health. Follow these guidelines for a better appointment than last time.

Examine Your Habits

At the end of a given day, think back on the activities that transpired. Cooking a fatty steak, snacking on potato chips and drinking several sodas may have been part of your day. Everyone has their temptations when it comes to food.

Add in more fruits and vegetables. Reduce the amount of fatty and fried foods in your diet. These changes will be quantifiable during your next physical.

Add Some Exercise

Being active gets harder as you grow into an older adult. There are more responsibilities and less time for yourself. Make time for you, however, because remaining sedentary leads to health issues. Try 30 minutes of activity each day. A daily walk is a great way to start out.

Visit the Dentist

You may not relate a dentist’s visit to your next physical, but your oral health is a key part of your overall well-being. Set up a cleaning and X-ray exam by local professionals, such as Park Slope family dentistry. Healthy teeth and gums directly reflect upon your well-being by reducing the amount of contaminants in your bloodstream.

Read Those Nutrition Labels

As you improve your diet, consider a more in-depth look at those nutrition labels. Be aware of cholesterol levels as you enter middle age. Saturated fat from animal products can heighten your blood’s cholesterol levels. Choose food items that are low in cholesterol as a general rule.

Embrace any less-than-stellar news as a challenge. Rising cholesterol numbers don’t have to be the reality for the rest of your life. Get active, watch your diet and see those numbers drop. Your physical appointment can be a source of pride as you diligently work on yourself.