Healthy and Nutritious Foods For Your Body

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High nutritious food is a much-needed intake by your body, both for children and adults alike. Healthy foods do not have to be expensive or strange, because the nutritious food we often meet. And at affordable prices or even almost free. Here are some foods of seeds, beans, fruits and vegetables.


Wheat is a kind of grain crop that looks like a rice plant. Wheat is usually processed as bread or also cereal. Now also many nutritious foods in the form of ready-made instances with basic ingredients using wheat seeds. Because wheat is very rich in nutrients with vitamin B3, thiamin, vitamin B1, iron, fiber and also vitamin E. Wheat preparation is also very good for natural diets in the form of food cereals. Because wheat is a nutritious food that is very loss if you miss, at least once a month or up to you, eat this one food. And if you need a healthy cereal meal, you can visit cereal benefit.


Apples are fruits that can grow well in tropical and sub tropical areas including fruits that contain lots of water content and nutritious food sources for the body. Many facts mention that the apple can also rejuvenate the skin and redden the lips. This one fruit has a distinctive sour sweet taste. In addition to fresh taste, this fruit also has a display that is quite tempting, do not be surprised if many who use this apple as a sweetener room decoration. Usually this fruit comes from the highlands and cool areas with the color of green, yellow or red green. Apples contain vitamin C, quecertin and plavanoids that can prevent cancer.


Who does not know this one, broccoli is a vegetable that is also quite familiar in our daily life. But indeed this vegetable also has very many nutrients needed by our body. Vegetables such as green curly hair is a vegetable that is rich in calcium, potassium is also vitamin A and C. There are several suggestions in the presentation of vegetable dishes so that the nutritional content is not lost, ie by not cooking vegetables too ripe. And you should avoid cooking with sauce and excessive cheese.


Spinach is used as an extra energy. Indeed nutrition in spinach is very high, spinach is a vegetable that is very easy to find around us. In addition to easy planting in the processing of food is also very easy. That is why we often encounter these processed foods in different parts of the world. Spinach has a lot of nutrients including iron, magnesium and vitamin A and C. So Spinach is very good for hair and skin nutrition and eyes. For Diet problem, spinach also a lot of war to be the mainstay menu at Diet.

Red beans

Red beans are nutritious foods that are also easy to find around us. Basically red beans contain high levels of fiber, protein, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, as well as vitamins and minerals. Red beans include easy to form into healthy food, usually this one is mixed into a salad or soup. It is also included in foods that make it durable, but naturally not with chemicals. So red beans also include nutritious foods that should not be missed.