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“A family that eats together stays together”.  We all have heard this quote several times in our lives but we don’t really consider this small act of eating together really important. Eating together with your family sounds like a small thing but the benefits and importance of it are quite big and essential. According to some researches, people who consume their meals alone tend to suffer from depression, obesity and other diseases more compared to those who have their meals with their family or friends. The benefits of eating together are as follows:


The world is moving faster than our expectations and so are we. We’re so involved in going with the flow that we rarely get time to have a word with our parents or our family members. Dinner is the only time of the day when we can sit together as a family and have quality time together. It’s that time of the day when we sit together and tell others about our day, listen to their stories, together solve the minor problems, have a good laugh over small things, and tease our siblings and what not! It’s a chance to escape our busy schedule and share some amazing moments with our loved ones.


Many people who have a habit of eating alone are unaware of the table manners as well as the etiquettes of eating together. They don’t know how to socialize when having a meal with others. Eating together teaches you all the etiquettes you ought to follow when sitting with others. Apart from this, it is also beneficial for our health. Children usually tend to skip meals or eat less when they’re fed alone but when together, they eat easily. We all either eat less or eat too much when alone since there’s one to comment or keep an eye on us. While eating with the family, we consume our meals in the required quantity and regularly at socially acceptable times.


Nowadays we rarely know what’s going on in the person’s life who we share our house, bed, kitchen or washroom with. We all are so absorbed in the traffic of our lives that we don’t even try to approach our family or friends. This leads to greater distances between the family members. Taking out some of your precious time for your family daily and eating with them allows you to share some great moments with them. You also feel good to sit and laugh with your family after a tiring and stressful day.

Not everyone is blessed with a family or loved ones who are always there by your side. Spending some quality time with your parents and others not only proves essential for your mental and physical health but also creates strong bonds amongst the members. Thedinnerly conversations with your family and friends are like a therapy after a tiring, hectic day.  Eating together reduces the loneliness in your life, improves your health, controls your body weight, and teaches you and your children better etiquettes. Try to eat together more frequently despite of your busy schedule because many people in this world don’t have anyone to share their meal with. Feel blessed and avail the opportunity before it’s too late!