When You Drink Too Much

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If you or someone you know exhibits any signs or symptoms that could be associated with alcohol addiction, it’s important to approach the situation in a way that is encouraging. Alcohol addiction can sometimes be a result of underlying issues that you might not be aware of, such as abuse or childhood trauma. After realizing that there is a problem, alcohol rehab Utah facilities provide can be a step in the right direction to get your life back on track or to offer someone you love the help that they need.


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Alcohol addiction knows no age limit. One of the first alcohol addiction symptoms that you might notice is lying about drinking. You might want to keep your drinking habits from other people so that they don’t know what you’re doing or what you’re spending your money on instead of paying bills or buying necessities. Another common symptom is lying about how much you drink. You might tell those around you that you’re only drinking a minimal amount when you are really drinking several cans or glasses a day.

Emotional drinking can often be detrimental. You begin drinking when you’re depressed and find that it’s difficult to stop. Drinking can also stem from boredom or having high levels of stress in life, such as a divorce or the death of someone you love. If you’re drinking because of depression, then there is a possibility that other drugs could be used as well. Drinking only provides a temporary solution to any problem in life and can only make the problems that you face harder to get through. When you attend a rehab center, you will have the support needed from counselors and other workers to deal with the issues in your life that you can’t cope with.

A symptom of drinking too much that can lead to other health issues and dangerous situations is blacking out during or after drinking. When you have no memory of drinking at all or how much you drink at one time, then it’s a sign that you need to seek treatment in some way. There could be times when you begin drinking and want more after finishing a bottle and then want more after another bottle is finished. A desire to continue drinking with no end in sight is a symptom of being addicted that can lead to various issues that include cirrhosis of the liver and mood swings.

There are times when you should not drink at all, and if you feel as though you have to drink in these situations no matter how dangerous they are, then you could be addicted. Drinking before or during work or drinking while you’re driving are examples of situations when you shouldn’t drink at all because your reactions can be slowed. You should also avoid drinking while you’re taking medications, especially those that cause drowsiness.

There are often responsibilities that you have in life, such as taking care of your family or working. You might be in school and have homework to complete or classes to take that require your full attention. When you’re drinking, you aren’t able to perform these responsibilities to your fullest potential. If you neglect your children, then you could put them at risk of being taken away from you by a city or county office. You could lose your job because of the excessive drinking that you do each day. Your relationships might begin to suffer and fail. Family members will likely notice that you don’t socialize as often as you once did or that you don’t spend as much time at family functions. There could be times when you’re angry for no reason, getting mad at the people who love you.

Sometimes, it’s easy to quit without help if you have the support of your family and friends. However, if you have tried quitting only to find that you pick up a drink once again, then it might be time to consider a rehab center. Someone can work with you to safely detox your body while offering encouragement and advice so that you can deal with any underlying issues in a manner that is healthy for your body and your mind.