Stem Cell Therapy: From Eye Disorders to Brain Repair

It’s always a marvel when researchers discover new medical advancements. Stem cell therapy is one of the most fascinating, promising remedies for many conditions.

Stem cells are our body’s regenerators. They are undifferentiated cells that can go wherever needed and morph into what that site needs. Stem cells are the drivers of growth, development, and tissue repair. They self-renew, helping the body heal and regain total health.

The common types of stem cells are embryonic, adult, and induced pluripotent cells. Stem cells are purported to treat many conditions, including eyes and autism.

Stem Cells Remedy to Autism Spectrum Disorder

In the US alone, autism affects 1 in 36 children, and the condition has surged by 312% since 2000. Boys are typically more affected by girls due to genetic factors, hormonal influences, and sex chromosome differences.

Kids with ASD struggle with communicating and interacting with others.

ASD has no known cure, …

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