Natural Health Trends Announces Q4 And FY2016 Preliminary Financial Results

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How to Grow: If you want the option of harvesting fruits instantly, buy a two-to-three-12 months-outdated dwarf tree at a nursery. Choose a clay, ceramic, or plastic pot barely bigger than the root ball of your tree, and make sure it has several holes within the backside. Fill the drainage dish with stones to permit air to circulate. Use a potting soil particularly formulated for citrus bushes, or select a barely acidic, loam-based potting mix. Place the plant in an space that may obtain eight to 12 hours of sunlight each day and can ideally keep a temperature between fifty five and 85 levels Fahrenheit. Water frequently, but make certain to not over-saturate the soil (it ought to be moist, not sopping wet). Citrus trees like moist air, …

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